A Bit About Us

Based in the UK, our team is made up of small business owners, Jeremy Bligh and Martin Stout. With a wealth of experience in the sales and marketing arena and the technical skills to develop working solutions they have been able to create a sales tool for the gutter cleaning industry which other gutter cleaning companies could use and which will be developed to include additional services in the near future.

They have worked with plenty of SMEs and so they understand the challenges faced when it comes to improving the customer journey to maximise every lead that you get. The 24/7 Sales Tool is where we start to make full use of that experience to create a system which can help gutter cleaning businesses convert more leads into bookings and manage those bookings online.

A Bit About 24/7 Sales Tool

Our 24/7 Sales Tool has been created to provide a valuable online system for gutter cleaning businesses of any size who want to concentrate on actually doing the work and leave the sales process to be automated as much as possible

Our system will sell your services for you with a quote generating website and our automated customer journey through our CRM system, Sitrep Manager™ will help to convert those prospects into customers. Once you set up the system this will happen even while you sleep.

Why We're So Passionate About the 24/7 Sales Tool

Let the System Save you Time

The website will give the customer a genuine quote based on figures using a tried and tested algorithm that you can change at any time through our CRM system Sitrep Manager™
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Take Online Bookings

Let the customer book themselves into your diary. They choose from the dates and times you have allocated.
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More Services Coming

Gutter cleaning is just the start as we add more services over the coming months
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Localised Pricing

Quote different prices for the same job in different postcode areas.
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Add Discounts and Price Breaks

Tweak your pricing with discounts and price breaks
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Add New Operators

As business takes off you can add more operators with their own login
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You don't have to go it alone? We offer a range of hassle free, cost effective packages.