A Bit More About Our System

The 24/7 Sales Tool system has been created for the Gutter Cleaning Business however we have plans to add more services to the system and to continue to develop the code so that it can keep offering solutions and enhancing your business. This system will not generate leads for you but instead will help you maximise the leads that you can generate and send to the website.

We work with several partners who can help manage online marketing campaigns for you in the form of ads within Google and facebook.

The Basics

The system consists of 2 websites and each is vital to maximising your return on not only your investment in this system but also your marketing spend.

The Customer Website

We have created a customer facing quote generating website. Unlike most of the 'quote generating' websites we do not simply send you the results of a form that the customer has completed so that you can arrange a time to go and give them a quote in person or over the phone.

Our website will generate an actual quotation for gutter cleaning based off a simple but detailed algorithm. There are a limited number of customer questions that must be answered and then based off that information we can create a quotation. The algorithm has been written and used for our gutter cleaning business for several years now and with few exceptions the website will generate an accurate quotation.

If the quotation is acceptable to the customer then they are given the option to book a day and timeslot for the work to be carried out.

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The Admin Website (Sitrep Manager™)

The customer data is managed through our CRM system called Sitrep Manager™ and it not only manages the customer data but also the bookings and diaries so that you can make sure that you only take bookings when you are available. There is also a settings section where you can allocate postcode areas to different managers or operators and set different prices for each area. Something that can prove incredibly useful for larger operations across several postcode areas with different income levels.

We have perfected an email campaigns or journey to maximise every prospect's chances of becoming a customer. So each new prospect that does not book on the day will get their quote and will be sent several emails over the next few weeks. This campaign has been finetuned to get the most prospects to convert into customers that we can. However there is a facility within the system for you to edit the text and change the email content if you feel that it does not reflect your business.

Each email the prospect receives contains a link back to the website where they can see their previous quote and book a day for the work to be done so at any point after getting their quote the prospect can return and book online.

Why We're So
Passionate About the 24/7 Sales Tool

Let the System Save you Time

Your new quote generating website will create a customer quote based on the algorithm which we have created for the gutter cleaning service. This saves you having to personally visit a customer or speak with them on the phone. It also delivers what it says it will do for the customer instead of them getting annoyed that they have to wait for a call or an email before getting their quote.

Take Online Bookings

Our CRM system Sitrep Manager™ will let you manage the booking diary so that you can block out the dates and times when you are unavailable. The system then presents the potential customer with a few dates and times which are free for them to book their own time.

In the event of a busy diary our system takes into account the location of the previous job and will only allow jobs within a specified range to allow for the time taken to drive to the second customer's address.

More Services Coming

Given the experience we have with the Gutter Cleaning Service we are launching the 24/7 sales tool based on the system we built for ourselves. However we will be adding more services over the coming months to allow for different businesses to use the system.

Localised Pricing

The system breaks the UK down into the outer codes of the each postcode. Each of these areas of the country can be given a different set of prices to allow you to quote different prices for the same job in different areas.

Add Discounts and Price Breaks

We have allowed for up to 3 price breaks to give a discount based on the cost of the job. This allows you to create a promotional campaign with say an Easter 30% discount for jobs over £300 for example.

Add New Operators

As business takes off you might find that you need to employ other operators to take on new postcode areas. The system can let you add new operators and allocate postcode areas to them so that they can manage their own diary.

Instant Alerts

You and your operators will get an instant SMS text message whenever a new customer has booked a time.

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